Traveling Paladin in the name of Bahamut


We have Medrash a Dragonborn Paladin follower of BAHAMUT! I need to say more? the player behind likes representation an really involves within his character role. So we have a leader !!!

Juanito is his loyal (Goblin) partner who is always watching his back, Juanito swore loyalty to BAHAMUT! after being aided during his lowest point of life by the grace and vengeful fist of BAHAMUT! which properly punished Irontooth who stole his wife.

Currently expecting his Wings
Converted 100+ people to BAHAMUT! (Working on Sandro)
Expects a juicy heir from their soon to be dead parents
Goblin master (Powerspin, Juanito Throw, Juanito Search)
Edited dozens of books by replacing Tiamat with BAHAMUT!
Lawful good



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